Monday, April 5, 2010

Local fabrics by Jesse Breytenbach

A while ago I featured a collection of magenta-coloured items including the delicious Chocolates fabric by Jesse Breytenbach, and I thought I should share some of her other work with you.

Jesse is a freelance illustrator who lives in Cape Town and sells hand-printed fabrics, relief prints and other creative things she makes. She’s also published a graphic novel called I Don’t Like Chocolate.

Like the fabulous gals from Twine, Jesse is part of The Threadcount Collective, a group of independent contemporary textile designers all living and working in Cape Town.

Here are some of Jesse’s past and present fabric designs. She only prints small runs of each pattern, so it’s best to contact her to find out what’s in stock. You can also read her blog here to stay on top of things.

Jesse’s fabrics are stocked in some shops (see her website), but you can also buy them directly from her Etsy shop, which offers not only fabric but also assorted other lovely products like stationery and accessories. Here, take a look:

What do you think? I absolutely love that Sugar print – I really do look like that when I’m running low on sugar. And those chocolate envelopes are so cute!


  1. I love these, that button is awesome. I'd definitly like that print with the sugar. That is me... It's so lovely to see that there are others out there who creat things by hand and that this amazing work can be bought down the road from me. Hope you had a great Easter weekend.

  2. I love the scissors ribbon too! Actually I love all kinds of ribbon... :-) Cape Town really is the place to buy cool stuff.