Friday, April 9, 2010

A little birdie told me

Don’t you just love sending gorgeous cards? I could spend all day wrapping presents and adding cards to them. Sometimes I make my own, and sometimes I use store-bought ones, but the latter should never have kittens or generic birthday messages on them. Ugh. I’d much rather go for cards like these…

At the Yellow Owl Workshop in San Francisco, California the duo Christine Schmidt and Evan Gross create limited edition stationery, stamp sets, ceramics, prints and paintings. They use eco-friendly materials like non-toxic water-based inks and recycled paper to manufacture the most delightful cards, postcards and correspondence sets.

Included in their card collection is the genius LCD card, which comes with a reference alphabet so you can “write” the message of your choice on it. A personal touch for a store-bought card. Brilliant!

When I make my own cards or do scrapbooking, I often make use of rubber stamps. The Yellow Owl Workshop has some fantastic sets to choose from. These two sets are definitely my favourites — they’re so cute!

There are plenty more pics of Christine and Evan’s wonderful work on their website, so go take a look. You can also visit the Yellow Owl Workshop blog. If you’d like to contact them, click here

Do you make your own cards sometimes? How about doing scrapbooking? Anyone else a fan of that? Creative hobbies are just the best. They really counteract the mind-numbing effects of everyday working life! Here’s to the scissors and glue.

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  1. It's true that these have so much more personality than the generic cards that are so predictable. I don't make my own and unfortunately buy whatever I find at the last minute. This will change one day.