Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Creativity with a conscience

Today I’m very pleased to introduce you to a wonderful South African handbag and homeware label called Mielie (Afrikaans for a corn cob). Since 2002, the Mielie team have been hand-crafting colourful products from reclaimed fabric and locally produced finishes. The “Mielie strips” that are used to make their products are a byproduct from cotton mills – how’s that for recycling?

Most of the Mielie team’s artists are from townships around the city of Cape Town. Every product is labelled with the name of the weaver who made it, which creates the opportunity for a connection between buyer and artist. Mielie aims to promote sustainable employment, but also to have a practical impact on the communities where the weavers live. To read more about this inspiring venture, visit their website (a design masterpiece in its own right!) or their blog.

Mielie products are available in several countries, both online and in stores. Try Be Sweet (a really awesome online store for environmentally friendly goods) or Party with Heart if you’re in the States, Tractor Home if you’re in Australia, Capegem if you’re in the UK, or pick your country from the list of stockists on the Mielie website. To contact Mielie, click here to send a message from their website or here to e-mail them. 

Now let’s rave over these fantastically original designs! I would like the cube and round mat please – perhaps in candy colours like light blue, rose pink and scarlet for a Scandinavian-meets-South African theme! That heart handbag has also stolen my, uh, heart. ;-) I’d love to hear what you think of these creations!

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  1. I have a meilie bag and I adore it!! I love that no one has a bag like I do!!!