Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yes to hand-crafted products!

A few years ago, I first heard about Etsy, an online marketplace for every hand-crafted product imaginable. Ever since that day I have been addicted to the site, and I have to warn you that once you start browsing around, you’ll have a hard time leaving! It’s mind-blowing to see the unthinkably beautiful prints, jewellery, handbags, dollhouse accessories, stationery and trinkets people come up with. Try typing in a keyword (say, ‘chocolate’, ‘cake’ or ‘cookie’ – do I detect a pattern here?) and watch in awe as hand-made creations pop up by the dozen.

One of the Etsy shopholders I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with is Tizzalicious. Today I’ll be sharing some of her beautiful products with you. I also asked her some questions, which you can read below.

FoL: Tell us about all the different things you make. Do you have a specific trademark product or specialty?

Tizz:  I make jewellery and accessories, but also things like magnets and softies. I don't have a specific trademark or product, but one thing all my items have in common is that they are colourful! Another common theme is cuteness :-)

FoL: How and why did you get into crafts?

Tizz:  I have been making things for as long as I can remember. My friends and I were always making jewellery or sewing Barbie clothes on my mom's sewing machine. I even remember selling some jewellery at a flea market when I was very little. Then about five years ago I sold some jewellery on LiveJournal, and that's when I decided to get more serious about it, and open a shop.

FoL: What inspires you? 

Tizz: This is always such a hard question! I get inspired by a lot of things, pretty pictures I see online, anything retro, the sun (I am always feeling productive and creative on a sunny day!), etc.

FoL: What are the price ranges of your creations?

Tizz: The prices in my shop vary from about 4 - 25 USD.

FoL: Where can we buy your products?

Tizz: My products are available at, my Etsy shop, my DaWanda shop, and a few retail stores, which you can find here

I absolutely love gingham, so I’m tempted to say those red Gingham Studs are my favourite. But the little apples (Red Polka Dot Apple Brooch and Pink Apple Magnets) have totally stolen my heart!

What do you think of these lovely creations? Do you enjoy buying hand-crafted items? Where do you get them from? Do you make things yourself? Let me know!


  1. Thank you for the lovely feature! :D

  2. You are so creative! These are so cute!

  3. These are the most gorgeous little accessories i have ever seen! Me want some! LOVE the little rabbit!

  4. the gingham heart studs are so so so cute!