Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet inspiration

Not all cakes are made alike, and yesterday I showed you what they should look like. For a really good lesson in what they shouldn’t look like (as well as assorted stuff that nightmares are made of), visit Cake Wrecks. You will either laugh or cry, but if you’ve ever baked anything (or tried to), I think the former is more likely. However, I can’t guarantee anything, and if you’re offended by awful baking or awful customer service, viewer discretion is advised. Here’s the (ahem) delightful creation that started it all:

(Photo: Cake Wrecks

Okay! Well! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s drool over some bakewear by Bakelove

(Images: Bakelove)

Unfortunately, Bakelove is not yet a WSW candidate. A moment of silence for the enthusiastic bakers of South Africa please. (…) Hey, maybe soon!

On the other hand, a wonderful Etsy store that DOES ship here (WSW Alert!) is Everyday is a Holiday. Just look at their amazing artworks!

(These are a deliciously foodie way of saying what everyone else is saying, namely Keep Calm And Carry On.)

My favourites are definitely the cupcake tiers and the layer cake quartet!

All images are from their Etsy storeThey also have a (highly inspiring!) Flickr photostream and a blog.

And to finish off this very cakey post, I’m going to share with you the beautiful card my sister mailed me on Monday. Don’t you just LOVE getting snail mail? It’s so much better than e-mail! (Except when it’s bills, of course. And it’s mostly bills.)


  1. cuute. keep calm and have a cupcake is best.....but more than likely the one making the cupcakes is not calm. ah yes, me! i'm catering a small wedding party next weekend for about 25 guests, of course cupcakes are involved. and a cake. and petit fours. and truffles. and macarons. oh yeah, and the food....ahhhhh! but no it's fun :)

    it's funny, that's the second "underneath that" i've seen on a cake, i saw someone post "Happy birthday underneath that mom" it just shows that not all bakers are created equal...or at least forgot to take their meds that morning :)

  2. ahah! now i remember where i saw that cake, on the Ellen Degeneres Show (you prolly dont know that) but here it is :)

  3. my fave is the one with the petit fours! have a nice weekend!

  4. SIFT HAPPENS! I LOVEIT! ABSOLUTELY WANT ONE! Can not wait till they say WSW!

  5. I'm sure we have The Ellen Degeneres Show here in South Africa but I don't watch a lot of TV so I wouldn't know. I buy boxed sets of series instead! :-)
    Wow, I can't make petits fours OR macarons, so hats off to you! At least you won't be putting any inappropriate words on your baking...

  6. mmmmmmmm ..... what a wonderful post :)

  7. EEEEEK LOVE THIS POST - thank you jolette buttttt ummmm now i kinda want the real thing. A big fat slice of cake. *goodbye diet*

  8. hello hello!! Thank you SO very much for sharing our artwork with your readers!! And your super sweet words!! Love your blog!!!

    XOXO Jenny & Aaron
    Everyday is a Holiday

  9. Thanks guys! You all rock! And cake really does make everything better. Even if it's on a print on your wall. :-)