Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Like a soccer ball, only better

The Fifa World Cup is just around the corner, and you can choose to ignore it (or complain) or you can join in the excitement! Because even if you’re not a soccer fan, you’re probably a fan of home-made ice cream. Enter the Play & Freeze™ Ice Cream Maker: the home appliance that looks like a soccer ball but produces dessert. 

You don’t even need electricity for this fascinating gadget. Just put ice and rock salt into one end and the ingredients for an ice cream recipe (the basic one needs just cream, sugar and vanilla) into the other. Then shake it or roll it for two sessions of ten minutes each and Bob’s your uncle. This ludicrously exciting invention by Industrial Revolution Inc. is available from Firebox or Amazon, and you can read more at the product website.

I started looking around for ice cream makers after Mallory from The Salty Cod told me she wanted a new ice cream maker for her birthday. (You’ll find some really cool ice cream recipes on her blog.) If, like Mallory, you prefer a predictable result from an appliance that doesn’t look like sports equipment, try a Krups Ice Cream Maker or the MagiMix Le Glacier Turbine. In South Africa, both are available from yuppiechef. Read more about the best ice cream makers in an article from The Independent here.

For less fattening but equally pleasing delights, try some of these products!

Sweet parfait necklaces by Baby Loves Pink

Velour ice cream cones with 100% polyester filling from Bombadill 

Etsy and Fluff both ship to South Africa, so take your pick and get ordering! 

Wow, now I feel like ice cream.


  1. Wow, that soccer ball invention is rather ridiculous! I think they forgot that the world cup will be taking place in winter? Not that I mind ice cream in the winter that much... Need to get my hands on the Ice Cream Journal, though!

  2. I don't really care what time of year it is - I'll always love ice cream. :-)

  3. Are you my long lost twin sister?! I can just repeat what you just said! BTW, those ice cream bling things are gorgeous.