Monday, March 15, 2010

I’m inspired by… old churches

I love sharing the things that inspire me, because for all I know (and hope) they inspire you too.

I really love looking at and taking photographs of old churches and chapels – both inside and out. These were all taken on Route 62 in South Africa, but as you can see I’m not a very good photographer! However, I’m working to change that by taking a part-time photography course, and I hope you’ll see a significant improvement in my shooting skills over the next few months.

I’ve also started trying my hand at split-toning, which I think is the most magical photo editing method in the world. Let me know what you think of my attempts!

Speaking of inspiration: Holly over at decor8 raised some very serious issues in her post on Friday. Where exactly do you draw the line between “being inspired by” someone’s something or downright stealing their idea? Particularly in the commercial world? Judging by the amount and length of the comments her post received, this is something artists and designers in the 21st century feel very strongly about. And it’s no wonder – with the internet bringing everything to everyone with a single click, the boundaries of what belongs to whom have been irreparably blurred. But in my opinion, you don’t have to do something just because everyone else is doing it. And that includes copying the creative ideas of others (for example, the works designers present on their blogs or in their Etsy stores) and making a buck out of it. It’s like Holly says: DIY means DO it yourself, not DUPLICATE it yourself. In the February issue of Glamour Magazine, I read about a South African designer whose creation (even the fabric) was shamelessly copied by a large chain store. Of course, when she threatened to sue, they laughed in her face and reminded her how much money they have. I’m wondering how you guys feel about this issue.

Oh, and for some unbelievably impudent cases of design theft, visit You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice.


  1. Awesome shots. I just love the second one. I'd buy it if you put it on canvas. Buy it not steal it. I can't believe that people think they can get away with that sort of theft. I've had a design stolen from me and I felt so robbed. Copy cats aren't cool!!

  2. Oh wow, these are so beautiful Jolette! I love them...

  3. I love church buildings! They are so beautiful most of the time and we have such beautiful churches throughout the country. And i am very quickly starting to become a huge fan of split toning! Absolutely amazing!

  4. You're all so sweet - thanks a lot. Apparently my steeples are all askew (photography class...) so I'll be working on that then.